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is a film making and entertainment company established in 2019 by film composer Julian Montgomery. Julian created this company to provide himself the opportunity to compose music for his own films. In conjunction with his wife Debbie, the two manage the day to day operations. As well, Julian composes music for films other than his own. Visit to find out more about his film composing endeavors.

Why the name Sync Point? In film composing, a "sync point" is a point in the film timeline to which audio is synchronized. For instance, when someone jumps out from behind a door and at the same time the music plays some scary notes. Another example could be the playing of a beautiful string melody just as a husband gazes deeply into the eyes of his beloved wife. The term "Sync Point" thus embodies the union of film making and music.

Sync Point Entertainment is a Los Angeles based company, specifically located in North Hollywood.

The Legend of Roo

When a nefarious pop music loving group attempts to take over the world, one genre-specific city at a time, two best friends search for help to save “Hip-Hop" city. While conflict continually arises because of their differing beliefs in the Legend of alleged savior to Hip-Hop city, the pair are totally unaware that the power of change already lies within!

The Legend of Roo will be an animated film series containing 5 or 6 episodes, each 20 to 30 minutes in length. The story is set in a fictitious world populated by animals where each city only listens to one musical genre. Our two protagonists are best friends. They set out on an incredible adventure to save Hip-Hop City from the grips of a nefarious underground group determined to take over the world with Pop music. The two heroes endeavor to go on a mission to find a legendary rapper. Everyone in Hip-Hop city grows up hearing about the legend of Roo. The legend states that he has performed miracles just by spittin' rhymes. For some reason he disappeared many years ago. As the two main characters go along their journey, they are pursued by an evil and cunning Red-Tailed Hawk. The hawk uses his crafty and devious ways to set obstacles to prevent them from completing their mission. As they pursue the legendary rapper they are often advised by a gray turtle dove who provides wisdom and guidance.

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Cast and Crew

Julian Montgomery

Julian Montgomery

Executive Producer, Producer, Composer, VO Actor (Kamali)

The Legend of Roo film series is based off a short story of the same title written by Julian. This story was initially written as a school project for an English class. Several years later while contemplating the idea of making a film, The Legend of Roo became the ideal story to use for his first film. Starting in Fall 2018, Julian hired a screenwriter and began his adventure into the world of film making. He, along with the cast and crew, are working hard to create a uniquely fun, entertaining, powerful, and musical story that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sharice Bryant

Sharice Bryant


David Furnal

David Furnal

Character Designer

Marselais Julian

Marselais Julian

Music Department

Arif Kinchen

Arif Kinchen

Director, Producer

Keenan Montgomery

Keenan Montgomery

VO Actor (Roo)

Julian Smith

Julian Smith

VO Actor (Finster)

Lee Stansbury

Lee Stansbury

3D Modeler


  • 2020
  • 05/26

    Episode 1 Characters

    David Furnal completes the design of the primary characters in episode 1.

  • 2019
  • 12/17

    Episode 2

    Sharice Bryant begins work on the script for episode 2.

  • 8/7

    Script Draft

    Sharice Bryant delivers the third draft of the script for episode 1.

  • 6/5

    Marselais Julian added to Music Dept.

    Marselais Julian is a dope LA based rapper/singer who is originally from the Twin Cities, MN. Marselais believes music is the most powerful and universal language in the world, so with that in mind he uses witty lyricism and vivid storytelling to engage his listeners.

  • 5/20


    Auditions are held for one of the primary characters.

  • 4/18

    SPE Website

    Sync Point Entertainment launches its website, providing more information on The Legend of Roo.

  • 4/17

    3D Modeler Hired

    Lee Stansbury is hired to do the 3D modeling. Lee has primarily done character modeling and texturing for games and sculpting figures for table top gaming. He also created background environment assets during his time at Disney.

  • 4/13

    Table Read

    We had our first table read with an awesome group of voice over actors.

  • 4/6

    Character Designer Hired

    David Furnal is hired to design all of the characters. David has been a graphic artist for the past 10 years. In addition to The Legend of Roo he is working on board game art, including card fronts, box art, and board design. He is also working on some children books.

  • 2/8

    Script Draft

    Sharice Bryant delivers the second draft of the script for episode 1.

  • 2018
  • 11/8

    Script Draft

    Sharice Bryant delivers the first draft of the script for episode 1.

  • 10/23

    Director Agrees

    We have verbally agreed with Arif S. Kinchen to have him direct and co-produce the project. Arif is a SAG Actor who specializes in voice acting. He has done a ton of voice acting and is well connected in the LA voice over community. We're excited to have him associated to the project.

  • 10/15

    Julian Smith Agrees

    Julian Smith verbally agrees to join the project. Originally from Michigan, Julian moved to LA four years ago to pursue a career in voice acting. He has had multiple acting opportunities since arriving in LA. He is also an aspiring beatmaker.

  • 10/1

    Screenwriter Hired

    Sharice Bryant signs agreement to write the script for The Legend of Roo. Sharice along with her business partner, Bri Noreen, have a production company named Crowned Productions providing services such as You Tube Channel Production and Editing, Music Videos, Screenplays, Promo/Commercials, Cinematography/Videography, and Editing.

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